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Problem: Can't Create an Account in Magento After 1.9.x Updates

It's crazy. Sometimes you just happen upon issues with Magento, like I just did today. I was going through my site to check for CSS issues/changes that need to be made. So I got through each page, even occasionally creating an account to get to every page. Boy, I'm glad that I did that! Found out that I couldn't even register into my site. Great!

Problem: Blank Page After Installing Security Patch PATCH_SUPEE-5994

You SSH or manually patch your installation with the security patch PATCH_SUPEE-5994. You wipe your forehead because it was easier than you thought to upload the files, whew!

You go back to refresh your cache and ensure your site is fine. You encounter a blank page.

Thump, thump, your heart beats quickly because your boss trusted you with fixing this!

Find Magento's Base URL

When switching between test websites on subdomains to a live domain, placing absolute URLs in Magento's code can cause many pains later. If you forget where you have created a custom link to a page and later move your site, you will run into 404 errors for missing pages. Luckily, Magento has its own PHP code for for finding the base URL you configured in Magento admin.


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