Servers & the Internet

Learn the meaning and uses of things involving the internet and servers

How To: Backup Your Database in phpMyAdmin

This tutorial teaches you how to backup your database to a file, using phpMyAdmin. We will be going through cPanel.

Terminal Shortcuts

A quick shortcut key and command list for Terminal on the mac.

Problem: SSL Certificate Name Mismatch

Ever get an SSL error? Sometimes there are problems with SSL certificates, even though you have entered the information correctly, or even if you don't have one at all! Here is one problem you can have with SSL.

Problem: XAMPP MySQL Server Won't Start

Problem: XAMPP MySQL Server Won't Start

So today, while using XAMPP on my Mac OSX, I had a problem where MySQL Database server did not want to start. What! Grrr... here are some solutions I've found.

How to Force Reload an Animated GIF in Firefox & Wordpress

So as you may know, we are students on a mission to help you. Even if we had Masters or PHds, we will always be students, always learning. One seemingly simple and old problem we came across (and are still learning about) were animated GIFs in browsers.


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